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Perkins Student Center  
Office 015M
325 Academy Street
Newark DE, 19716


Office Hours
(Updated at the start of each semester)

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General Inquiries

Contact a Board or Chair Member

President: Zackary Langrehr
Vice President: Elliot Queale
Treasurer: Declan Bado
Secretary: Taylor Kunkel
Technical Coordinator: Cara Vieira
Publicity Coordinator: Paul Naidas
Social Coordinator: Jessica Gray
Fundraising Coordinator: Chelsea Kirnum
Webmaster Chair: Grace Hanoian
Alumni Historian Chair: Deirdre McCarrick
Philanthropy Chair: Melissa Silverio
Properties Chair: Sydney Giusto
Costume Chair: Ellie Canning


General membership

Anyone can become a general member by attending one general meeting during the semester. This email list will keep you updated on all sorts of HTAC events, as well as weekly meeting minutes.

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Whether you were a part of HTAC at its founding in 1974, or you joined your senior year in 2015, you are an HTAC alumnus! Sign up for our alumni email list - you'll get a semesterly newsletter, as well as updates on alumni night, where you can see the show for free!

We are always looking to preserve our history as an RSO on campus. If you have memorabilia or other information about HTAC's past that you would like to share with the company, you can contact our Alumni Historian Chair, Deirdre McCarrick.

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