show dates

May 3, 4, and 5 at 8:00 PM and May 5 at 2:00 PM in Bacchus Theatre.


If you are interested in playing in the pit, please email Joseph Simon at josephs@udel.edu.
If you are interested in assisting with our technical needs, please email Cara Vieira at cvieira@udel.edu.



Leading Player: Amanda DeFilippis
Pippin: Michael Crowley
Charlemagne: Zack Langrehr
Fastrada: Victoria Guerriero
Lewis: Josh O'Donnell
Berthe: Maddie Breske
Catherine: Maddy Adams
Theo: Deirdre McCarrick

Aleya Smith*
Becca DiCondina*
Chris Jones
Emily Rogalin
Emma Davis
Gabriela Poletaev*
Hannah Lee*^
Kirby Smith
Lia Naselli*^
Matt Lucatamo*
Melissa Silverio
Paul Naidas*
Ron Phillips
Siggi Schorr*

* indicates Featured Dancer
^ indicates Manson Trio

production staff

Production Manager: Kate Saberton
Artistic Director: Elliot Queale
Assistant Director: Jessie Gray
Choreographer: Karla Bradley
Music Director: Joseph Simon
Vocal Coach: Dana Goodstein
Production Stage Manager: Gabby Kowalski
Assistant Production Stage Manager: Gillie Schmerl
Stage Manager: Taylor Kunkel
Technical Director: Cara Vieira
Assistant Technical Director: Daniel Neuburger
Scenic/House Designer: Chelsea Kirnum
Assistant Scenic/House Designer: Deanna Marino
Lighting Designers: Jasmine Lee and Julia Walker
Sound Designer: Brett Isza
Assistant Sound Designer: Gillie Schmerl
Props Master: Ellie Canning
Assistant Props Master: Clara Greszczuk
Costume Designer: Melanie Traub
Publicist: Grace Hanoian
Assistant Publicist: Zack Langrehr
Social Media Manager: Alexandra Curnyn
Graphic Designer: Paul Naidas
Assistant Graphic Designer: Jess Ivey
House/Budget Manager: Declan Bado