9 to 5

show dates

October 18th, 19th, and 20th at 8:00 PM, and October 20th and 21st at 2:00 PM in Pearson Hall

If you are interested in joining the production staff or becoming an assistant/apprentice for a current production staff member,
feel free to email anyone on the current production staff (listed below) or our president, Jessie Gray.


Violet: Maddie Breske
Judy: Jessie Gray
Doralee: Amanda DeFilippis
Hart: Josh O'Donnell
Roz: Melissa Silverio
Joe: Kirby Smith
Dwayne: Chris Jones
Josh: Jake Mickey
Missy/Tinsworthy/Intern: Deirdre McCarrick
Maria: Alayna Mastrippolito
Dick/Doctor: Kevin Lattanzio
Kathy/New Employee: Emily Denler
Margaret: Kiley Tucker
Bob Enright/Detective: Chris Johnson
Candy Striper: Diana Peterson
Male Ensemble: Chris Jones, Jake Mickey, Chris Johnson
Female Ensemble: Emily Denler, Kiley Tucker, Alayna Mastrippolito, Diana Peterson


Baritone Saxophone: Julia Kane
Tenor Saxophone/Clarinet 2: Morgan Hurlock
Clarinet 1: Emily Fudge
Bass Clarinet: Hannah Wiswell
Flute 1/Piccolo: Josh Dill
Flute 2: Danny Pineyro
Trumpet 1: Evan Mallon, Matthew Hubner
Trumpet 2: Ryan Ellis
Trombone: Nsima Uwah
Keyboard 1: Benjamin Wiswell
Keyboard 2: Andrew Bank
Guitar 1: Evan DeAngelis
Guitar 2: Garrett Lacurts
Bass: James Williams
Drums: Joseph Lockard

Production staff

Production Manager: Taylor Kunkel
Artistic Director: Matt Lucatamo
Music Director: Ben Wiswell
Apprentice Music Director: Andrew Bank
Choreographer: Gabi Poletaev
Pit Director: Jasmine Lee
Stage Manager: Gabby Kowalski
Assistant Stage Manager: Gillie Schmerl
Technical Director: Cara Vieira
Assistant Technical Directors: Chris Jones, Coleson Weir
Scenic Designer/House Designer: Deanna Marino
Assistant Scenic Designer/House Designer: Julia Jones
Lighting Designer: Julia Walker
Sound Designer: Jack Leonard
Assistant Sound Designer: Matthew Hubner
Props Master: Rebekah Allan
Apprentice Props Master: Sharon Ndi
Costume Designer: Allie Luce
Assistant Costume Designer: Chloe Griffiths
Hair Artist: Victoria Acevedo
Makeup Artist: Lia Naselli
House Manager/Treasurer: Declan Bado
Publicist: Alexandra Curnyn
Assistant Publicist: Melissa Silverio
Social Media Manager: Sean Scanlon
Graphic Designer: Jessica Ivey