show dates

March 15, 16, and 17 at 8:00 PM, and March 17 and 18 at 2:00 PM in Pearson Hall.


If you are interested in playing in the pit, please email Ben Wiswell at
If you are interested in assisting with our technical needs, please email Cara Vieira at



Rose: Jessie Gray
Birdlace: Benjamin Dutton
Bernstein: Brendan Hopkins
Boland: Ron Phillips
Fector: Josh O'Donnell
Stevens: Sean Scanlon
Gibbs: Mason Lucas
Marcy: Lucy Vavala
Mama: Becca DiCondina
Ruth: Maddie Breske
Lounge Singer: Hunter Torggler
Ensemble: Alexandra Curnyn, Kylie Boggs


production staff

Production Manager: Declan Bado
Artistic Director: Chelsea Kirnum
Assistant Artistic Director: Ellie Canning
Music Director: Brett Isza
Choreographer: Sarah Warkentin
Pit Director/Rehearsal Pianist: Joseph Simon
Stage Manager: Clara Grezczuk
Assistant Stage Manager: Cara Vieira
Technical Director: Elliot Queale
Assistant Technical Director: Olivia Grunseich
Scenic Designer: Elliot Queale
Lighting Designer: Jasmine Lee
Sound Designer: Gillie Schmerl
Assistant Sound Designer: Benjamin Wiswell
Props Master: Grace Hanoian
Costume Designer: Olivia Quinci
Hair Artist: Morgan Kolukisa
Makeup Artist: Victoria Acevado
Assistant Makeup Artist: Lia Naselli
Guitar Coach: Alison Varghese
House Manager: Meredith Roberts
House Designer: Deanna Marino
Publicist: Paul Naidas
Co-Publicist: Lucy Vavala
Assistant Publicist: Gillian Zucker
Graphic Designer: Deanna Marino
Budget Manager: Declan Bado