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This sung-through musical, written and composed by Jason Robert brown, follows the five-year relationship of Cathy, an actress, and Jamie, a novelist. Jamie tells the story chronologically, but Cathy tells tell the story backwards-from the end of their relationship, to their marriage to their first date. The characters do not directly interact except for a wedding song in the middle of the show as their timelines intersect. This parallel creates an incredibly interesting story that is enhanced by Brown's varied usage of musical genres and instrumentation.
Bacchus Theater
(lower level of Perkins Student Center)
March 12, 13, 14 at 8:00 PM
March 14 at 2:00 PM
325 Academy St, Newark, DE, 19716

Cast Blue

Will perform on March 12 and March 14 (8:00 pm).



Michael Crowley
Allie Yacina

Cast Orange

Will perform on March 13 and March 14 (2:00 pm).


$3 for UD students, $5 for general admission
Cash and FLEX only at the door.
Tickets can be purchased online in advance on our TicketLeap.
Carl Pariso
Maddy Adams

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In a Gotham-like city a terrible water shortage, caused by a 20-year drought, has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens must use public amenities regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging admission for one of humanities most basic needs. Amid the people, a hero decides he has had enough, and plans a revolution to lead them all to freedom!

Winner of three TONY awards, three Outer Critic's Circle Awards, two Lucille Lortel Awards, and two Obie Awards, Urinetown is a hilarious musical satire of the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, municipal politics and musical theatre itself! Hilariously funny and touchingly honest, Urinetown provides a fresh perspective of one of America's greatest art forms


Show Dates

Pearson Hall Auditorium

April 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 at 8:00 PM

April 19 at 2:00 PM

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Pearson Hall, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

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