Harrington Theatre Arts Company

The Harrington Theatre Arts Company

Since 1974, the Harrington Theatre Arts Company (fondly known as "HTAC") has provided an extracurricular outlet for students at the University of Delaware and the surrounding area who are interested in any aspect of the theatrical arts. Members can become involved in all areas of theatre, including management, direction, set design, lights and sound operation, backstage roles, and performance. All of these facets within the company are run entirely by students!

Mainstage Productions

Every semester, students aspiring to direct a show select a production staff and develop a proposal to be presented to the Coordinator Board and subsequently the general membership. Voting members decide among the proposals and in general, one or two are passed for the next semester. Both straight plays and musicals have been produced, although throughout the company’s history, members have tended to propose more musicals than they have straight plays. For a complete listing of HTAC’s past productions, see our show history. Productions tend to enjoy a run of six performances in one of the two theaters at HTAC’s disposal, Bacchus, in the Perkins Student Center, and Pearson Hall.


Other Opportunities

In addition to our mainstage productions, HTAC occasionally offers other performing arts opportunities, including technical workshops, make-up workshops, readings of plays, and even cabarets.


"Miscast Cabaret"(2014)


Social Events

HTAC coordinates a number of social events for its membership. These include the annual fall semi-formal and spring formal, the HTAC hayride, group excursions to see theatrical performances, and game nights after general body meetings. These events in addition to general participation in the company create a very close-knit community.

HTAC hayride/bonfire (2013)


In summary…

We put on great productions and have an absolute blast doing so. We challenge you to explore your interests in the theatrical arts, and we invite you to join us in making your college experience extremely memorable!

Have we not convinced you that we have fun? Check out some pictures!